Most of the time, you'll want any active funds to be available for people to donate to, but sometimes there are funds you might want to keep out of the general public's eye, while still keeping it active.

As Gandalf says, "Keep it secret. Keep it safe."

Step #1: Set your fund to hidden

To start, go to your main Settings tab and click on Designations. Or click here.

Next, find the fund you're wanting to hide and make sure it's set to Active. (To learn how to create a new fund, click here.)

Once your fund is active, under the Visibility column, click on the dropdown menu and select Hidden.

Step #2: Generate your secret GivingFlow trigger link

Access your GivingFlow settings and select the Triggers tab. Or click here.

Create your GivingFlow trigger link:

  1. Select your website URL you want the GivingFlow to open on.
  2. Input a suggested donation amount. (In this example, it's $100.)
  3. Choose the fund you just set as hidden. (In this example, it's the Building Fund.)
  4. Select a suggested donation frequency (e.g. Just this once, Every week, Every two weeks, Once a month.)

Then, in the bottom right, select the Click to Copy button to copy the GivingFlow trigger link below.

Now, you can paste that link in any browser, or add it to a button or hyperlink, and it will trigger your GivingFlow with all the details for your hidden fund.

For more information on managing your funds and designations, click here.

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