Your church's GivingFlow makes it easy to set up recurring giving in the following increments:

  • Once a week.
  • Once every two weeks.
  • Once a month.

The recurring gift will be based off the date when you first make the gift. If at any time you need to adjust this, you can simply remove the gift from your account and start it again from the desired date (e.g. the first of the month). If you haven't created an account, you can do so at the end of the GivingFlow after you've made your gift, or by clicking the Sign In button in the top right corner of the GivingFlow.

Giving Monthly

If you choose to give monthly, the recurring gift follows the same date you start the recurring gift in the future. For instance, if the recurring gift is set up on the 6th of May, all recurring gifts would come out on the 6th of the month. If you start your monthly recurring gift on the 31st, the transaction will occur on the last day of any month. If you start it on the 30th, the transaction will always occur on the 30th, except for February, where it will occur on the last day of that month.

Giving Once A Week / Every Two Weeks

For setting up recurring giving every week or every two weeks, the gifts will be given on the same day of the week. For instance, if the recurring gift is set up on a Tuesday, then it will always be a Tuesday when the next gift comes out.

Future Options

From the onset of RebelGive, we wanted to create a minimalist GivingFlow that's simple and easy to use; hence why only those recurring giving options exist within the GivingFlow currently. We are, however, looking forward to adding more options and flexibility to recurring giving!

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