Yes! If someone gives through your church’s GivingFlow and provides their email address (or gives while logged in), we’ll send them a receipt for their gift confirming what they just did so they have a copy for their records. (Note that for recurring gifts, donors will be sent the initial digital receipt, but to save from flooding their email inbox, we decided to let the donor download any subsequent receipts from that recurring gift in their personal account.)

And, even better, givers can easily sign in to their own version of the Control Center where they can see all their giving history, update their profile, manage their payment methods, recurring gifts, notifications, and even download their own end of year giving reports!

When it comes to end-of-year giving statements, we think democratizing access and more self-management by donors is the future. Doing so saves admins and finance people so much more time. So we built RebelGive to send out automatic end-of-year giving and report reminders to donors so they can get what they need whenever they need it - saving admins a lot of time.

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