Once a donor has created an account (i.e. they have entered their email and added a password at the end of a GivingFlow), all their giving activity will now be recorded in your Control Center, where you can see their individual profile, along with their giving history. This can be especially helpful when trying to download a receipt or find a missing gift to a fund.

View Donor Profiles

To see the list of all your givers, click the Givers tab in the main menu. Click here to go there directly.

The default columns that will display in your Givers panel are: Name, Email, Phone Number, and Account ID. You can change the columns that display and download by clicking Columns and toggling the options on or off, or view them all by selecting the include all option.

To download all your Givers profile information (everything they've included, such as name, email, physical address, and phone number), click the Download All Givers button to download a CSV file of that information. (Note, this will not download giver transaction details. To do that, you will need to go into an individual profile.)

To view a single profile's information, click on the View button.

From here you can see an overview of the donor's profile.

NOTE: Only the giver can update their personal contact information.

Add Unique Member ID

To help align your RebelGive giver records when you import the data to your church's ChMS, you can enter their Member ID or identifier code within their Giver profile. Simply add in the Giver's Church Member ID manually in the field provided, beneath their personal profile information.

View, Filter & Download Donor Transactions

To see an individual donor's giving records and history, scroll down to the section beneath their profile information.

Just like in the Transactions Panel, you can filter a giver's transaction panel to find a specific donation. To filter specific amounts, funds, frequencies, methods, or statuses, choose the first filter option.

To filter specific dates or a date range, choose the second filter option.

Once you've filtered to find the transactions you're looking for, you can download a CSV file report of a giver's donations by clicking on the Download Report button at the bottom of the transactions list.

To view an individual transaction's information, simply click the View button of any particular donation.

To learn how to refund a particular transaction, click here.

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