Once your GivingFlow is set up and Givers are donating to your church, you'll be spending most of your time in two panels in your Control Center: your Transactions Panel and your Transfers Panel.

Your Transfers Panel lists every batch deposit in your bank account. You can view each individual transfer within this panel. (To learn more, click here.)

Your Transactions Panel lists every gift donated to your church. You can view each individual gift's details within this panel.

View All Transactions

By clicking on the Transactions tab in the main menu of your Control Center, you can see a list of all gifts. By default, you'll see all records, without any filtering options applied. Click here to go there directly.

Filter Transactions Based On Data

To specify which transactions you wish to view, you can the filter tools. To filter specific amounts, funds, frequencies, methods, or statuses, choose the first filter option.

Filter Transactions Based On Dates

To filter specific dates or a date range, choose the second filter option.

Personalize Your Transactions

The default columns you'll see in your Transaction Panel are (in order): Amount, Date, Fund, Frequency, Status. But if you're feeling a little creative and want to personalize what you see, you can change, filter, and reorder the columns that appear in your Transactions Panel to your liking.

Toggle on whichever columns you would like to view. Or choose the Select All Columns option to view all of the available information.

Download Your Transactions

When viewing your transactions, you can download a CSV file of all the information you're seeing. To do this, simply scroll down to the bottom and click on the Download Report button. If you've rearranged your columns, those changes will be reflected in the format of the CSV file.

View Gifts from a Giver's Profile

Additionally, you can view a list of all gifts from a specific giver by accessing their giving history from the Givers tab. Click here to go there directly.

To view a specific giver's donations, click the view button.

You'll first see that giver's account information, and below that, you can see the history of all their past donations.

This is helpful, but when will my gifts be deposited?

Great question! While the world of digital giving isn't simple, we do our best to make it feel that way! Since gifts made with a credit card follow a different process than those made with a bank deposit (US only), we have a little more info about that here 👇 

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