Instead of lengthy forms, RebelGive accepts donations through GivingFlows. Rather than demanding a donor’s information all at once in a tedious full-length or expanding form, RebelGive only asks for one piece of information at a time, step-by-step πŸ‘£

Below is an example of what a GivingFlow looks like. Because donors can access your GivingFlow from any page on your website, customizing the look and feel of your GivingFlow is important to make sure it matches your church's brand and style.

Design Your Giving Flow

To access the Design page in your Control Center, click on GivingFlow in your main menu in your Control Center, and then choose Design. Or click here.

Upload Your Logo

To get started with customizing your GivingFlow, you'll want to upload your logo by clicking on the + (plus) button, or by dragging and dropping, as shown below πŸ‘‡Β 

Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Your logo should be in PNG format. This usually means that the background is transparent and that there isn't a white background. To learn more about what this means or how to make sure your logo has an invisible background, click here.
  • The dimensions of your logo should be at least 400 px wide to appear clear on all devices.
  • Ideally, your logo should match the same one used on your website.

You'll be able to preview your logo on the example GivingFlow to make sure it's just right πŸ‘Œ

If you want to get a true preview of your entire GivingFlow, click on the blue Preview My GivingFlow button in the top right corner.

Selecting A Color

To make sure the GivingFlow matches your church's colors, select the one that fits best under the Choose a Color section. You can choose between a standard color or by entering a hex code. (If you don't know what your exact color is, you can find it here by entering your church website or can choose one here.)

In addition to selecting a color, you can choose between light and dark mode for a different style.Β 

NOTE: By design, the color selector will pull the main hue from the color you input and will give you a light and dark option that'll look great! So it won't be the exact color of the hex code you selected, but rather a custom calibrated set of five tints that'll look good and keep your content legible.Β 

Customize Your Give Button

If the color or position of your GivingFlow Trigger doesn't look quite right on your website, you can make these changes in the Control Center.

You can edit these settings from the Installation section of the GivingFlow tab.

If you're coming to this area for the first time, the colors should be the same as the ones you chose in the Design section.

The position of the GivingFlow Trigger is normally set on the right side of the page, but can be moved to the left. If you need to move it more, you can enter the exact bottom and side offset at the bottom of this section.

Additional Customization (coming soon!)

Since a number of you have asked, we want to share that custom giving triggers will be something we'll add within the next two months. The current GivingFlow trigger will be visible on every page and is the preferred method of initiating giving. Coming soon, we'll be adding custom giving triggers that will allow you to target the widget from other links within your site. The current plan is to enable custom giving triggers with pre-selected amounts, funds and giving frequency.Β 

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Now back to work for us.

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