If your church's staff structure or team's responsibilities change and the primary contact needs to be adjusted, you can easily transfer ownership to another individual.

First, go to your Administrators Settings by clicking on Settings and then on Administrators. Or click here.

Scroll down and find the section labelled Account Ownership. Click on the Contact Us button, and send us a message through the chat bubble that pops up in the bottom right corner to let us know you'd like to change account ownership. (Or send us an am email to hello@rebelgive.com.)

We'll send you and the new account owner a simple Authorized Signer Change form from DocuSign. (Similar to the original setup process, all church accounts need to be connected to a real person.) Simply send us the email addresses for you (the current Account Owner) and the person you wish to be the new Account Owner, and we'll send that form to both addresses, as you both need to sign in order to make the change valid.

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