If at any time you choose to change your payment method, you can do so easily in the Control Center. You can make these changes by going to your Settings and then selecting Subscription. Or if you want to get there real quick, simply click here.

Change Payment Method

To change your billing payment information, simply click the Update payment method text below your current credit card information.

From there, simply input the new payment information, and click the Update Payment Method button below.

If, for whatever reason during this process, you decide you don't want to update your payment information, simply click the Don't update payment method text below the box where you can enter your new credit card details.

Change Subscription Cycle

You may notice that there isn't anywhere to manually change your subscription billing cycle.

If you're needing to switch your subscription from a Monthly to an Annual Plan (saving you 20% over the course of 12 months), or from an Annual to a Monthly Plan (giving you more flexibility on paying month-to-month), simply reach out to us by clicking on the blue chat bubble in the bottom left corner and we'd be happy to take care of that for you 👌

View Billing Records

To see a history of your billing records, simply scroll down below the Subscription Plan section. There, you'll find a record of all your past billing history for your personal records. If you're on a monthly plan, you'll see a record for every month, whereas if you're on a yearly plan, you'll only see a record for every year.

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