Learn how to set up and manage your funds (or designations) so you can keep track of the gifts that were given. 

Adding a Fund

To get started, click on the Settings tab on the menu, then on the Designations area.

To add a fund, click on the Add New + button, enter the designation name and click the Save New button.

Managing Your Funds

Active vs. Inactive Funds

Once you've created funds, you can toggle on and off and reorder in the list, as needed. While you'll most likely keep the majority funds active, you may need to turn off others that are seasonal or that you may not need again. 

Reordering Funds

To reorder the way your funds appear in your GivingFlow, simply click and drag the two-lined icon on the right side of the designation. Move the designation up or down. Let go of your cursor when you've found the desired order of your fund.

Viewing Funds

To view and manage the gifts that were sent to a specific fund, you can click on the View button on the right side of that fund's row. You'll immediately be taken to the Transactions Page. Here, you can sort by a date range, amount, gift frequency, giver name and status. To learn more about the Transaction Page, click here.

Hiding Funds

To hide an active fund, click on the dropdown menu in the Visibility column and choose Hidden. For more information on how to share your hidden funds, click here.

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