We're really excited to see that you've decided to join RebelGive! While we've done our best to make the sign-up process as simple as possible, you can review the complete list of steps below in case you are hung up on anything.

Signing Up for Rebel Give

From rebelgive.com, click on the Sign Up button.

Enter the name of your church.

Enter the mailing address for your church.

Enter the main phone number for your church.

Enter your church's website url.

Enter the email address for your church. (This will be the email address associated with the owner's account and where we'll send any account-related emails)

Great! You're off to a good start. Next we recommend that you check your email and click on the verify account link we sent you.

As you work through the account setup process, its possible you may need help with your legal and financial information, so you can invite someone to help. (Learn more about inviting admins here.)

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