Your team can have different permissions based on their responsibilities and which settings and content they're allowed to see and edit.

Add a New User

From the Settings tab in your Control Center, click on the Administrators section. Or click here.

Click on the Add New + button, enter the new user's email address, and select their permissions level. Then, click the Invite New Admin button to send.

The individual you sent the invite to will receive an email as shown below. After clicking the Get Started button, they'll have access at the permission level granted to them in your RebelGive Control Center. If they don't already have a RebelGive account, they'll need to follow the steps on the screen to create one before they can gain access to your Control Center.

If you sent an invitation to an incorrect email address or if you changed your mind for any reason, you can click the Revoke Invite button to cancel the invitation 🚫

RebelGive Permissions Levels

1 — Account Owner: Full and complete access and control
2 — Administrator: Access to everything
3 — Pastoral Admin: Full admin, but personal giver data hidden
4 — Financial Assistant: Access to transactions, givers, and funds only
5 — Reporting: Access to transactions & givers only

Change a User's Permissions Level

At any time you can change a user's permissions by selecting a new level from the dropdown menu.

Deactivate a User

You can deactivate a user by clicking the Deactivate button. Keep in mind, users aren't permanently deleted and can be reactivated if needed. If desired, you can permanently remove a user's personal records by following this article.

Reactivate a User

If you need to restore access to a deactivated user, you can do it easily by clicking the Restore Access button. 

User Permissions

Be sure to reference the permissions level above to ensure your team has the right access. If you do not see these options within your Control Center, it's likely you may not be an admin.

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